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Die 15 verrücktesten Kickstarter-Projekte

WER ERFINDET SO ETWAS? Die verrücktesten Kickstarter-Projekte

Blow up your tastebuds with these EXPLODING TARDIS COOKIES from Kitchen Overlord's new Doctor Who cookbook - Dining With the Doctor: Regenerated. Back the kickstarter to get your own copy here:

Laser Tag with your smart phone! $35 gets you your own gun - one of only 500 worldwide - from this kickstarter project.

Ogre Miniatures Set 1 project video thumbnail

With a windproof plasma lighter on one end & a flashlight on the other, the Sparkr & Sparkr mini are unique, multi-functional tools...

Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 project video thumbnail

Sunken Temple, an RPG adventure for 5e, Pathfinder, & WOIN project video thumbnail

Look, we see all kinds of multi-tools and survival kits on OhGizmo. But the Jackfish Survival Credit Card Holder stands out from the bunch. It's an 8.5mm which case that…