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Swieter & Dewie

zombie prom queen cartoon - Google Search

Zombie Prom

Zombie Prom- Halloween

Big Trouble In Little China - Jason Edmiston - ''The Immortal'' ----

Classic Street Art by Andrea Michaelsson and Ilia Mayer

Portraits 50Ies,50Ies Style,Graffiti-Kunst Straße,Graffiti-Kunstwerke,Schablonen-Graffiti,Schablonenkunst,Schablonen,Schablonenstraßenkunst,Frauen

Rob E. Boley on

Zombie Yoda. Too cute. #zombies #yoda #littlegreenzombiewithalightsaber

Chop Top (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2), #1"You're my favorite DJ! play my favorite song... you know the one, the one that goes.... AAAAeeehhhhhhaaaaaeeiiiiiii!" #2 "You ruined my best Sonny Bono wig leatherface!"