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Erkunde Sammlung Des, Zkm Karlsruhe und noch mehr!

Holografie aus der Sammlung des ZKM Karlsruhe - YouTube

this is called holography. another art medium I have never seen but love what it is and want to learn how to do it

Das Stella Lux muss nicht aufgeladen werden, sondern kann überschüssige Energie ins hauseigene Netz einspeisen. (Foto: TU Eindhoven, Bart van Overbeeke)

2016/09/17 13:46:19 sakurako3497 きたぁ 念願のバルミューダ 長年使ってるオンボロトースターの買い替えに悩んでいたけど我慢した甲斐があったわ 我が家はほぼ毎朝パン食 家でパンを作る事も多いし。 だったら美味しくパン食べたいでしょ。 トースターとしてはお高いけど炊飯器と同等のお仕事してるわけだもんね。あ、うちはご飯はストウブ鍋だけど #バルミューダ#バルミューダトースター #balmuda #balmudathetoaster

Enhancing the Use of Icons

Queen Elizabeth large format Hologram

That's the picture of chanoyu basic tools, check it out for it's name: 1. chagama; it's large iron kettle for heated water and usually made from iron 2. chawan; tea bowl for make and drink the tea 3. mizusashi; lidded container for hold the fresh cold water 4. chaire; cointainer for hold the powdered tea 5. chashaku; tea scoop for making tea 6. hishaku; a long bamboo ladle for transferring cold or hot water 7. futa-oki; kettle-lid rest but sometimes used to rest the hishaku 8. chasen; tea…

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