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Erkunde Sam Spratt, Childish Gambino und noch mehr!

Digital Illustrations by Sam Spratt (w/ Barack Obama, Jesse Pinkman, Kanye West, MJ, House, Gambino Clip)

Anamorphic Portrait made of Recycled Objects (4 Pictures Clip)

Streetartist Seth: Murals around the World with local city Dwellers (15 Pictures)

Street Watercolor Paintings by Lin Ching-Che (12 Pictures + Clip)

Streetart: JR in New York – Turning the Times Square Inside Out (10 Pictures Clip)

Rone and Meggs’ Melbourne Mural – Making Of Clip w/ Sophie Van Den Akker (Clip)

Streetart: New Banksy Artworks (15 Pictures)

Streetart: New Mural by Cyrcle in Los Angeles (12 Pictures)

Graffiti Art – Paper Graffiti by Miriam Londono (13 Pictures)

Sculpture Self-Portrait of Julian by Julián Cánovas-Yañez (9 Pictures)