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Erkunde 12 2013, Schimmel und noch mehr!

Week7 - 13.11.2013 I went to a lab and look at different variety of moulds and bacterias through microscope! This image is bread mould, these are gorgeous, I could see bread crumbs. Looking through microscope, I can see details of mould and bacteria then I noticed that I like the shapes and texture but don't like colours so much. So I will look at researching of American museum again and translate that colours into these moulds and bacterias.

Week19 - 5.2.2014 This is one of my idea of display, she is a kenya artist Naomi Wanjiku Gakunga. I visited her exhibition in London last year. Good lighting and shadow, her work stand out well.

Hall weaving by Vanessa Barragão

Week23 - 5.3.2014 Georgie Meadows

Week28 - 9.4.2014 Wire french knitting, beading and rag rugging.

Week2 - 9.10.2013 I stitched the milk stain for experimenting.

Week8 - 20.11.2013 I'm doing hooked rug, these colours are from previous pictures and this shape is bread mould. I'll do stiting as well.

Week19 - 5.2.2014

Week13 - 25.12.2013 This is a sample that develped from Week9. Stitched and sewed beads on a long slip of distressed book binding cloth.