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Art Tumblr | Etsy | Facebook Page | Furaffinity | Commission for ~miraeko of her nekomata character with Iriomote wildcat fur coloration :3 So much fun to work with; I love ...

Take me to your leader! WHAT!?! These aliens must have you confused with someone else who’s a follower, because in these boots, you are the leader! You’ll be a

she is my weirdo he is my weirdo couple tshirt

I love high fashion make up... Wish I could rock this without looking like a weirdo

I want to go to Paris so bad! And plus, I now need to do this so I can do what Harry did:) (gif)

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Do not think for one second that we won't refile the restraining order (that was only dropped because we did not pursue it). I'm pretty sure one of the conditions of it included no contact with anyone associated with him. That includes his friends. So stop being a crazy obsessive bitch. Why you would even be following her on social media I don't know. But really. Don't you think we have a copy of the hundreds of texts? During your work hours? The suicide threats? If he files a restraining…

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