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Erkunde Ostern Steht, Der Tür und noch mehr!

Ostern steht vor der Tür.

Years on Vinyl/Veneer by Bartholomäus Traubeck

bitterkiwi: goknights: BODY LANGUAGE REFERENCE SHEET I’ve been reading up on body language and stuff trying to make my comics less stiff. I put my notes into reference sheet form so other people can use them. I actually took a while making this, so I hope you guys find it interesting! Also, this font didn’t have apostrophes or quotes so a lot of things seem awkward!? Sorry about that. This is the best thing.

Sound Pot This minimalist bluetooth mp3 speaker is designed by Lim Hyun-Taik from Korea It is made out of porcelain, and also a nice piece of audio equipment handling the user interaction in a very smart way. You can turn on the music by using the knob and place the speaker on its side. By rolling the speaker gently to one direction or the other you can control the volume. And when you have listened for a while and you want to turn off the music? Just take the knob and turn its face down.