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Erkunde Patchworkdecke Selber, Kannst und noch mehr!

Understanding Team Dynamics using MBTI. A great powerpoint explaning meyers briggs with activities at the end.

This is my FAVORITE Meyers Briggs site. It's the most in depth I've seen. It explains the way you think and feel like nothing else.

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17 Insanely Clever Hacks For Teachers, By Teachers

17 Insanely Clever Hacks For Teachers, By Teachers Love this! There were a lot that I hadn't heard of yet! Great tips!

In the course of facilitating Strengthsfinder workshops for different organizations (Multi-national companies, small-medium enterprises, schools, religious groups), we discovered that one of the key

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How To Manage Every Personality Type

What each myers brigg type needs in the workplace

Drawing on the original work of Carl Jung the Medicine Wheel demonstrates the placement of the Meyers-Briggs Typologies within the context of Native American Spirituality. Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers created the personality type indicator to make the work of Jung available and meaningful to people everywhere.

How To Motivate Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type - MBTI in Real Life