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Pomeranian geese, a great old breed.

Pomeranian geese were bred by Northern German farmers in Pomerania in 1500 to guard their livestock. These geese are very protective of the chickens.

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Toulouse Geese - a breed of domesticated goose originating near Toulouse, France. It is a large bird, with a weight of up to 9 kg,and is known for its ponderous appearance and large dewlaps.

farm geese | Although the origins of the American buff goose are difficult to trace ...

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Muscovy ducks are native to Mexico and Central and South America

I am getting a breeding pair of Toulouse geese. I never thought I would have geese but I have heard good things about these birds the Runner Ducks and these geese will be keeping my gardens weed and bug free. Geese are the most like dogs and cats in behavior. They are a good sized for eating, produce large amounts of valuable down... and there is just something so regal about them

The Cayuga takes its name from Lake Cayuga, New York, which makes it one of the few duck breeds with an United States origin. The Cayuga is a quiet duck that is very hardy and is known primarily for its brilliant “beetle” green plumage. The hens, which weigh 5 to 6 pounds, lay a light blue or gray egg and the males grow to between 6 and 7 pounds. Ducklings have black feet