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These Duck Breeds Lay Well And Are Not Too Noisy -->

von Mein schöner Garten: Pflanzen, Garten & Gartentipps

Laufenten: Lustige Gesellen für den Garten

Laufenten: Lustige Gesellen für den Garten - Mein schöner Garten

If you’re ready to expand outside the realm of chicken eggs and add other layer poultry to your farm, keep these duck breeds in mind.

Indian Runner Duck Lays 200-300 white eggs per year Does not fly Can be trained to act calmly and will attach to people because of their flock mentality and have been known to follow people around the yard.

Ducks are a great slug predator. Experts recommend the Khaki Campbells or Indian Runners who are the best carnivores – other breeds might eat more of your vegetables. Some people really swear by them and really recommend these animals. A good permaculture solution would be to have your garden in between the duck hut and the pen. Thereby allowing the ducks a good munch in the morning and evening while on the way to and from home. Ducks do eat frogs! Do not mix.

A Complete Guide to Using Slugs as a Resource with Indian Runner Ducks Permaculture Forums, Permaculture Courses, Permaculture Information & News

Describes how keeping goats & chickens in the same yard together is possible if special care practices are followed.