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Gorgosaurus libratus AMNH 5438, monté en posture de coureur par Matthew et Brown, à AMNH, en 1923.

A Marshall Cavendish encyclopaedia illustration. I was always really happy with this one. I really wanted to do a ceratopsid charging at full tilt so employed my usual philosophy: Hard angle on the...

Giant Ground Sloth fossil skeleton (Megatherium we think).

Gorgosaurus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Prehistoric animals: Carcharodontosaurus

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Say a big hello to Sophie the #stegosaurus - the most complete stegosaurus ever to be found, and the #NaturalHistoryMuseum's latest guest! #dinosaur #nhm #London #discovery #fossil (chloemaywarduk/Instagram)

Carnotaurus brothers by Damir G. Martin Probably would be called Meat Bulls or Jungle Devils on Dymos.