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Csigáztatás: Rent-an-ent

Indian Runner baby!!! I can't wait to get mine!!

Next on the list of animals to add to the farm. Indian Runner Ducks. I think they're so unique! Great layers and meat birds!

Ich finde Laufenten einfach charmant, lustig anzusehen mit ihren langen Hälsen und hervorragende ökologische Schneckenvertilger :-)

Runner Ducks, these are the kind of ducklings I'm currently looking for. I don't know why but they make me laugh every time I see them. I mean no, I'm getting them for the educational value . . . erm, I mean eggs.


Nevada SPCA on

NV: Rescurd Indian Runner duck eants to be held and cuddled. Looking for special life long hero. Please share

Entenvermietung im Kampf gegen fiese Nacktschnecken: "Rent an Ent"


Indian runner duck...Oh oh oh, I am pretty sure this gal has something to say to me.