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Skye Ten Eyck (radiancephotographics ig same) - Andrea Von W., Tad Merrell - lighting Keith Ten Eyck.jpg

Ashes not of ruin, without name and title, they were destroyed having been long neglected, Geo Clarke, with ____ and love." Not sure, this is what i translated myself but i also barely passed college latin.

E Blythe Doll

Gerrard King (3)

Julien Brunet's gemstone skulls

Julien Brunet's gemstone skulls: The young French artist known for the reconstruction of lines and colors, is showing his highly visual 3D computer art of chiseled precious stone skulls at the Boutique 16ème Sud in Paris.

Poste alles Mögliche (von überall!), passe alles individuell an, finde und verfolge, was dir gefällt. Erstelle dein eigenes Tumblr-Blog noch heute.

Laurel Skye - Lady Fiesta Side by stxmona, via Flickr