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I see your coin floor and raise you......not sure if i like it but a very cool idea would be cool with pennies too and would feel very cool to walk on be good for stand alone outside bathroom on multi acre property

Federn Dreamcatcher Mobile träumen verspielt DIY

Wer hat nicht als Kind davon geträumt, den Baum zu Hause haben, heben Sie Ihre Hand?! Ich glaube, Sie alle erhoben habe!!! Dann ist für Sie diese Sammlung…..è la top ten dei letti a ca…

There's something about it I like, though I'm not sure I'd find it practical, and I'm all about practicality!

allium, plant in a great sunny spot for blooms all summer long, so pretty

Interview with Nor Toma, Head of PR at Monki - FLAIR fashion & home

LOOK at these WIre baskets!!!! esp. the big one!!!

I love this old trestle table.. reminds me of the one my paw paw made for mamaw.. it's where us kids ate but it didn't have that comfy bench with pillows! it was just hard wood but 6 year old butts could handle it! lol fond memories.. cat head biscuits, eggs and sausage gravy for breakfast. (no the biscuits are not made from cat heads! they're called cat head biscuits because they were so huge!)

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