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A caltrop found at Kapitelplatz, Vechta, Lower Saxony, Germany.

Hand Forged Ninja Makibishi CALTROP on Etsy

Fire- and lime pots and caltrops of the 16th century. Kunstsammlungen der Veste Coburg, Bavaria, Germany.

History of Caltrop by Denis Zolotarev, via Behance

Caltrops were used to disable cavalry horses. They were often strewn on roads and battlefields where they would become lodged in a horses' hooves, rendering him lame.

Caltrops to protect against vehicular and foot traffic.

caltrap / caltropcaltrap / caltrop Caltrap / Caltrop The term `caltrap' comes from the French chausse-trape, and signifies a spiked weapon which was used thrown on the ground and used to disable horses. It signifies intelligence (cunning), as it allowed a soldier to best a more powerful foe, and warrior spirit. Symbol for : warrior spirit, strength, courage .

von cometscorners

World War 1 – War Horse

A particularly nasty weapon of war used by the Germans was the ‘Caltrop’. This was left in fields and roads in the paths of horses, and was designed so that when a horse stood on one it would be pushed right up into the joint of the hoof taking muck and bacteria with it, crippling the animal and making it impossible for the wound to be cleaned.