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There's something about it I like, though I'm not sure I'd find it practical, and I'm all about practicality!

Gooorgeous Day Bodice <3

Cute lil' Rainy,Dark English town! I want to go there bad! :) it makes me smile!

How To Clean Your House in 20 Minutes a Day for 30 Days

Screenshot from Apartment Therapy article. Supposedly each task should take you 20 mins (or maybe you're only supposed to dedicate 20 mins to each task each day for 30 days).

Im Jahr 2010 wird Vanessa Paradis auch das Gesicht der Lippenstiftlinie „Rouge Coco“.

Wooden Leaf Puzzle - Ecofriendly Toy

Hölzernes Blatt Puzzle Ecofriendly Spielzeug von justhatched