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Riveter at Lockheed Aircraft Corporation, Burbank, California, 1940-1945

Loading an Opel Blitz truck onto a German Messerschmitt Me-323 "Gigant" transport plane. The Me-323 was the largest land-based transport aircraft of the war.

Boy Soldier 15-year-old German soldier crying when captured by allied forces, 1944

Beautifully restored WW2 photos from over 70 years ago

Building An Airbase In China With skillful hands trained by years of use, Chinese peasants lay a foundation of crushed riverbed stone during the construction of a forward base for the new B-29 Superfortresses. The machine shown, the only one used in the work, crushes the rock for the landing strips. The B-24's in the background landed before the field was completed.

People seeking shelter behind lamp-posts at Dam Square Amsterdam on 7 May 1945. German troops opened fire at the celebrating masses (22 killed, 120 injured).