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Überbackene Nudeltaschen mit Spinat und Ricotta | 26 unfassbar gute Nudelgerichte aus dem Ofen, die Dich wärmen werden

❥ Why Love Literally Hurts~ Psychologists have discovered the neural link and the chemical reaction to brain during a simple human reaction such as being ignored. Remember the #children are being affected of #divorce, etc.

Sounds very accurate. Middle child here. Chris is first born (biological) and middle child (step family) and is definitely a bit of both. Lionel is the aggressive kind of first born. Elsie is an only child very much... For now, we'll see how she changes when she finally has siblings...

Backrezept Mohn Marzipan Kuchen mit Zimtguss / Kastenkuchen

Million Dollar Chicken ~ Says: All I can say is that you MUST make this recipe!! Next time you’re having people over for dinner…make this recipe. Next time you want to impress someone with your cooking…make this recipe. Next time you want to eating juicy flavorful chicken…make this recipe!! Mind blowing delicious!!

These 13 cooking hacks will make you feel like a professional chef in no time. You'll wish you knew about these sooner ;)

good to remember

Marzipan-Mohn-Makronen | Kochen | EDEKA