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Need You Now (Audio CD)By Lady Antebellum

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It's Time for Good Manners! (Paperback)By Leslie A. Susskind

Guinevere: On the Eve of Legend (Paperback)By Cheryl Carpinello

Where the Wild Things Are (Hardcover)By Maurice Sendak

The Month of Zephram Mondays: The very first of the Zephram Tales (Paperback)By Leslie A. Susskind

The Communist Manifesto (the original definitive English edition) (Paperback)By Friedrich Engels

The Santa Shop's Hollywood Ending (The Samaritans Conspiracy) (Kindle Edition)By Tim Greaton

Jadon and Gabe:: The Not so Saintly Horses (Paperback)By Barbara Janet Cooper

A Yank Back to England: The Prodigal Tourist Returns (Paperback)By Denis Lipman

The Time Cavern (Paperback)By Todd Fonseca