Nataša Đikanović
Nataša Đikanović
Nataša Đikanović

Nataša Đikanović

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What To Wear In Barcelona: Packing For Barcelona In The Fall/Winter! - Here is what I wore in Barcelona + tips for creating a budget-friendly travel wardrobe #travel #packing #style

100 Winter Outfits to Copy Right Now

#winter #fashion / tartan scarf + noir

Marc Chagall detail The Birthday In later years, Bella recalled the happy days she spent with Chagall in Vitebsk, her memories inextricably entwined with the painting the couple took back with them to Paris.

Marc Chagall -- Paris Opera House Love. - Chagall meets Balla in the whirling dance of forms and colours!

Lovers in the sky of Nice - Marc Chagall 1964 ♥ Reputation Line Inc. NY - Branding & Marketing. ♥

John Myatt 'Wedding Flowers' in the style of Chagall

Pinturas de Marc Chagall!

'La Mariée' 1950 -Marc Chagall; ... I want a framed print.. if anybody is looking for a gift for me.

10 Blood Sugar–Lowering Foods

9 blood sugar lowering foods - just another reason to love these delicious foods! #blueberries

Low Carb Hacks - this needs printing for your fridge.

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