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Pocahontas makeup

Just when you think you've seen all the cute ways to do cat make-up, along comes…

I did a pseudo lazure technique . Basically, what that means is that I was cheap and didn't buy the more expensive materials. The process was the same, and the results are imo, just as nice . And we save a ton of $. I used regular latex paint for the base. I did get extremely pale tints instead of white as used in classic lazure. Instead of the pigments, I used those acrylic paints they have in the wood painting section of Michael's. I watered them down to be fairly thin, but not

Red Painted Mist Wallpaper Mural

This is one of our favourite ombre wallpapers at Murals Wallpaper. The beautiful peachy hues with purple tones brings a contemporary and feminine feel to your interiors. It looks perfect with copper finishes.

I love watercolor paingtings and this wall mural is so cool! You can buy almost any wall mural you can imagine (included ones you create from your photos) at Photowall!

Colour Clouds, chili

Wallpaper from Rebel Walls, Colour Clouds, chili! #rebelwalls #wallpaper #wallmurals

Ombré Wall | Mariée: Inspiração para Noivas e Casamentos

Learn the Alphabet Bingo Game

Learn Your Letters Alphabet Bingo Game - Fun preschool alphabet activity!