Mizu Uchiha
Mizu Uchiha
Mizu Uchiha

Mizu Uchiha

Weitere Ideen von Mizu

Tobi/Madara by xUzumaki on deviantART

Tobi, Obito and...white thing .-. | We Heart It #obito #naruto #lockscreen

Chibi Gaara and Naruto with their arguing demons. It's adorable!

Oppa Sasuke Style (what the hell!!!!)

Kakashi vs. Obito one of my favorite fights!... And, one of the saddest fights ;-; ❤️❤️❤️

Obito(go to original link if it doesn't work)

Naruto (Shippuden) Bijuu names, Jinchuuriki names, and Bijuu's other name (tails).

Obito Evolution | Naruto

Master Anime Ecchi Hentai http://epicwallcz.blogspot.com/ Guys/Boy Anime Pictures Wallpapers Gif Scene Still Anime Original Art

So. Awesome. and Depressing.