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Warum Groß- und Kleinschreibung so wichtig ist - Fun Bild

Und da soll noch jemand behaupten, Groß und #Kleinschreibung sei nicht wichtig... *gg*

Ornate victorian handheld mirror tattoo. With Asking Alexandria lyrics ''she's such a fucking masterpiece''.

Fun With Les Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Andrew King


A great guitar is like a great girl. A beautiful sound, The right curves, and the ability to make you feel like the world isn't completely against you.

Vintage Guitar Photograph - Vintage Guitar Fine Art Print

Great idea for a music tattoo. Much more unique than other designs I've found.

Would love to have this as a tattoo!!

Benedetta Bonichi: X-Ray Art


10 Secret Places in America That Most Tourists Don't Know About

This slot-like chasm with cascading waterfalls is a hidden secret. Why? The Oneonta Gorge is not accessible by trail. Spend a day walking up the winding creek bed to reach the much deserved views.