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Glaub nicht alles, was du denkst.


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I think about you and us everyday in some kind of way...


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Ich vermisse dich


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I did walk away, but you grabbed me and pulled me back into your arms. Why aren't you still doing that now? It was our dance. It was our promise, that no matter how far away we drifted, it would never really be over. We just drifted due to the tides of our passion, but we always had a lifeline running between us. Please don't let us lose sight of each other. I don;t want to drift without you. ~ETS

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Am liebsten mag ich dich.

Am liebsten aber... | Inkognito

Keine Gedanken um "Assholes" machen!

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..ich muss jetzt zur Arbeit....


Ein Rezept für Gelassenheit ist ganz einfach: Man darf sich nicht über Dinge aufregen, die nicht zu ändern sind.

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Seriously. Whoever invented that crap is on my list.

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Been there and that one txt he just might say he apriticates (appreciates) you when we all know he didn't ever!!! He isn't worth it and never was!!!

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