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Lichtenstein Action Word Art = Whack, Wham, Bam, Crunch, Zoom, Ka-Boom, Zap, Pow, Pop, Splat


lichtenstein inspired portraits by heidabjorg; middle/high school


How to Draw the Cheshire Cat Easily

Skizze Grinsekatze Mehr Mehr

The Beauty of Paper Art

Variationen aus papierformen

Stadt bei Nacht - Kreide

Glow Painting! 1. Carefully pop off the back of a Sharpie accents highlighter using a knife. Yellow or green works best. 2. Pull out the innards, and cut the plastic. Be careful, it's messy! 3. Put it in half a plastic cup of water. 4. Turn on the blacklight, turn off the lights, and give those kids some white paper!

Line-Art-Portrait-Preview-1024x665 Kostet 5 $; Könnte man aber auch mit Photoshop selber machen