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Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA (Paperback)By Richard C. Hoagland

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The Far Horizon (Kindle Edition)By Patty Jansen

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Eel's Reverence (Kindle Edition)By Marian Allen

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Uth (Kindle Edition)By Keith Houghton

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The Iron Admiral: Conspiracy (Kindle Edition)By Greta van der Rol

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Chaos Mortalitus (Book One) (Kindle Edition)By Mark LaMaster

The Rookie (Galactic Football League, Volume I) (Hardcover)By Scott Sigler

The Prodigal Planet (Kindle Edition)By Edward Maurer

Malathix Soul 3: Jagged (Kindle Edition)By Ayla Ruse

Luminous and Ominous (Kindle Edition)By Noah K. Mullette-Gillman