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Fish shaped Oreo cookie pancakes! Our favorite food wrapped into one chocolaty treat!


Kräuterlachs im Blätterteig

Hier versteckt sich feiner Fisch in einer knusprigzarten Blätterteighülle – genau das Richtige, wenn zwei Feinschmecker gemeinsam ein Festtagsessen ge...


A Popcorn Bowl You Can Eat!

A Popcorn Bowl You Can Eat! Fun Food Recipe Idea for an edible White Chocolate Popcorn Bowl.

Every year tens of thousands of golden rays, also known as cow nosed rays, make a biannual migration between Western Florida and the Yucatan Peninsula. They are known to school in groups of 10,000 or more during their exodus. These shots were snapped off the coast of Mexico by Sandra Critelli, an amateur photographer and printed in Britain’s Daily Telegraph —