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Image of Ice Blue Embroidered Bohemian Kimono

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list « lani trock red kimono knit / floral blouse / rolled up denim shorts

Daliah Lavi French postcard by E.D.U.G., no. 136. Photo: Sam Levin. Ravishing Israeli actress Daliah Lavi (1942) appeared in dozens of European and later also American films during the 1960’s. With her minis-skirts and thigh-high boots she pursued sex symbol status via Italian erotic horror films and spy spoofs as Casino Royale (1967). After her film career she became a well known Schlager singer in Germany.

#593 daliah+lavi israeli model and actress

Bilbo Baggins at Hobbiton

DIY handmade stamps

Rustic cheese and fruit tray. Mix of mandarin oranges, figs, great cheese and sugared nuts.