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HERZLICH WILLKOMMEN bei DENK | ART | HOFHEIM. Wir bieten in der Hofheimer Altstadt individuellen Nachhilfe- und Sprachunterricht für Schüler und Studierende an.

Don't take things personally. Soo true!

Inspirational Things

Friday my son was sooo irritable on the way to school, and I told him to have perspective- some children are starving, homeless, and have no toys in countries where their family members are being beheaded, so is the fact that his notebook won't slide into his backpack easy really anything? And me this morning- little annoyances piled up till I was really hostile so I told him, Let's name 10 things we're thankful for until I'm in a good mood. It worked. :)

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Check out We'll Always Have Paris/Waiting For Superman

Be Real. Positive words

This song makes me want to cry every time I hear it, but I can never turn it off.