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best man duties 'Hand in Glove" -The Smiths…

"Last night I dreamt, that somebody loved me. No hope no harm, just another false alarm." -Morrissey

I miss many people, but most of all.. I'm lonely for my brother Juan Casarez Rodriguez. I miss him. It'll be 5yrs 03Dec since he was taken abruptly.

Harry Potter drinking game

@Meghan Krane Krane Frank, I think we could use this inspiration to make our own version, then make it into an actual board. Maybe even make a few trivia spots? ;)

Christmas Tree Napkins: Turn a green napkin into a lovely Christmas craft with this linen-folding how-to.

15 Book Quotes That Perfectly Describe Friendship


After all this time and what´s happened.... Nothing cant´ break the strong bond between us. Friends 4evö - Even longer <3

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