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50 Cross Tattoos | Tattoo Designs of Holy Christian, Celtic and Tribal Crosses

~Sugar Skull Girl~


I absolutely love this! I am thinking of getting something similar to this on my left shoulder with the saying a little bit more read able. the saying i want to have in it is ... "we delight in the beauty of the butterfly but rarely admit the changes it as gone through to achieve that beauty!"

Tattoo Realistic rose drawing by Madeleine hoogkamer

Realistic Flowers Tattoo by John Maxx | Tattoo No. 7151

Pocket Watch Tattoo

Ellen Westholm has only been tattooing since 2010, but has already made a big splash in the industry. With a specialty in black and grey and realism, Westholm is also talented in color illustrative and surrealism. If you’re ever in... [ read more ]