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Nervous about your delicates? #Ulrich has the answer with their fantastic, vegan laundry detergent

Not only do #Ulrich's detergent contain ingredients that are are completely biodegradable or mild enough to not harm the environment, the packaging is also resealable and reusable.

Linen project loves finding new useful products that can help prolong the life of our products! For more than 20 years, Ulrich has been proud to put their name on their high quality products and recommend them to family and friends. In addition to being all natural, Ulrich is also recommended by the German animal protection agency, and has the Vegan seal on many of their products.

f you're not sure if the detergent you're using is best for your high quality linens, you're not alone. Thats why Linen Project has added Ulrich laundry detergent to our online shop! Ulrich’s all natural laundry detergent is made of high quality, renewable raw materials and contains no phosphates, paraffins, bleach, artificial perfumes, dyes, aggressive acids, preservatives or ammonium chloride. Check out the website for all the options!

Sorry ladies, the guy is not included #cf #christianfischbacher #bettwäsche #bedding Sorry meine Damen, der junge Mann Mann ist nicht mit in der Lieferung

Bittersweet bedeutet... sich in einem guten Buch festzulesen und zu wünschen, dass die Geschichte nicht aufhört #cf #christianfischbacher #bettwäsche #bedding Bitter sweet is...getting lost in a good book but not wanting the story to end.

Bitter sweet is... having beautiful colors and light, high quality fabrics for summer but having to choose a color (or not ;-) #cf #christianfischbacher #bettwäsche #bedding

Bittersweet bedeutet... Aufwachen müssen, aufstehen müssen und sich dabei schon darauf zu freuen, nach einem langen Tag wieder zurück ins Bett zu kommen Bitter sweet is... having to wake up and get out of bed, but looking forward to coming back after a long day #cf #christianfischbacher #bettwäsche #bedding

Look forward to coming home with #CF summer from #ChristianFischbacher #linenproject #bedding #bettwäsche Die CF Sommer-Designs machen, dass ich mich freue, nach Hause zu kommen