Lara Sonntagskind
Lara Sonntagskind
Lara Sonntagskind

Lara Sonntagskind

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Der Bazar 1888: Slate-grey woollen dress; 36. bodice's lining front part, 37. plastron in half size, 38. overbodice part, 39. side gore, 40. back part in half size, 41. collar in half size, 42. and 43. oversleeve's lining and pouffy outer part, 44. undersleeve part, 45. cuff in half size

Der Bazar 1886: Springtime paletot from blue English woollen; 19. bodice's insertion, 20. belt, 21. bodice's front part, 22. side gore, 23. back part in half size, 24. front collar insertion, 25. collar in half size, 26. and 27. sleeve parts


pattern drafting for jeans

If you haven’t… get yourself a Pattern Book!

Basic blocks: drafting

Rhonda's Creative Life: Drafting The Front Fitted Bodice, Adding Darts

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TARA DILLARD: Banishing Frustration with the Design Process

Minō Park (箕面公園)

“Minoo Park, Osaka, Japan

Found this out on Pinterest. Very lovely. Reminds me of two ladies I know from Bellingham!!! Lady Victoria ://