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DIY Latternen mit Büchsen


Wau! Mit diesen Ideen machen Sie aus alten Kisten stilvolle Dekoration! - DIY…

Super. Mini-Gartenteich.

Super. Mini-Gartenteich.


"This option is small-scale and it is built around a reclaimed heat dispersal system from an old refrigerator (which you can get with the gas removed from your local dump). It has no pump as it is gravity fed and it requires no electricity to work. Just put it in the sun, turn on the water feed and you will get a slow but constant supply of very hot water..."

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That's right, there is a way you can get solar panels for free! I know someone who did it and so can you. Here's how it's done... Solar panels are used everywhere these days. They are often used by construction crews and traffic systems (signs, cameras &...

7 Free Solar Water Heating System Designs - Solar water heating systems are easy to build as a DIY project. They also have offer a cost-effective way to generate hot water for your home. These solar water heating designs are fairly simple and low cost, and will save you money.