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Es ist immer einfacher das letzte Wort zu haben, als den ersten Schritt zu tun. - Zitat von

...Es ist immer einfacher das letzte Wort zu haben...❤❗


To me this picture speaks so loud... that so many people are being the exact same as each other and if one is going to hell they all will... or vice versa.. and if you stand out of the brainwashed idiots... you might as well pat yourself on the back and say I'm doing it right.

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FLAT CARD This 5x7 flat card is printed on premium quality 100% recycled paper. Customize the design with your favorite photo and a personalized greeting.

"Mama, der Tannenbaum brennt!" "Das heißt der Tannenbaum leuchtet!" "Schau mal Mama, jetzt leuchtet die Gardine auch."

15 Captivating Works Of Art That Challenge The McDonaldization Of Society


Bansky | street art

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