Karla Kiesenthal

Karla Kiesenthal

Weitere Ideen von Karla

Credit: Angel M. Fitor/GDT Man and Nature category, highly commended: Marine Harvest by Angel M Fitor (dead sardines caught in a net as bycatch)

Credit: Klaus Echle/GDT Man and Nature category, winner: Klaus Echle with Graffiti

Credit: Ana Retamero Olmos/GDT Plants and Fungi category, winner: Two Little Men by Ana Retamero Olmos

Credit: Constant Couteille/GDT Other Animals category, highly commended: Calopteryx Surrounded by Colours by Constant Couteille

Credit: Edwin Giesbers/GDT Other Animals category, winner: On the Move by Edwin Giesbers

Credit: Markus Varesvuo/GDT Birds category, highly commended: Waxwing by Markus Varesvuo

Credit: Ole Jørgen Liodden/GDT Birds category highly commended: King Penguins in Snowstorm by Ole Jørgen Liodden

Credit: Daisy Gilardini/GDT Mammals category, highly commended: Polar Bears Hugging by Daisy Gilardini

Loxlyhollow | camping illustration

Camping in style