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People may have ideas about what an algorithmic trading is. But on the other side, people who believe them to be experts in algo trading, sometimes failed to understand the very basic ideas found in it. This article is aimed at those who have a passion on finance but are not familiar with the deeper things going in it.


Algorithmic trading simplified for dummies

People often raise a question that how can they get a better high frequency trading job. The fact is, they somehow fail to understand the needs of a high frequency trading specialist. All they need is to get into the job and learn its aspects.

Know-how of Getting the Job in a HFT Firm

The technology has really played well in Indian market. The High frequency trading was under a question now that whether the regulatory body in India will put some breaks in between the lightning speed technology.

SEBI Takes Feedback on the High Frequency Trading Slowdown :: nashjoss

Algorithmic trading also known as black box trading is nothing but the replacement of human with electronic machines in market trading. These electronic machines are pre programmed with trading instructions which deals with variables like time, price and volume.

Uses and Benefits of Automated Trading - trends in trade