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Berlin river cafe. In summer many Berliners hang out at cafes, bars, and beaches on the Spree. Be sure to take part!

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10 of the best vintage fashion stores in Berlin

Photograph: <a href="">Kalinkaka</a>

Why Hipsters Are Obsessed With Kreuzberg, Berlin

Sing Blackbird sells vintage clothes, but also has great juices and cakes. The second-hand shop sells its wares at flea markets, too.

Eat Berlin - Le Bon, Kreuzberg (What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today?)

Eat Berlin - Le Bon, Kreuzberg

Eliza Cafe, Kaffee und Schnickschnack, Kreuzberg

Five great Berlin food markets

Five Berlin food markets – where to get everything from authentic Thai dishes to the best breakfast.

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