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Volleyball workouts for home This is only a tiny bit of what we used to do in high school for summer workouts. For five days a week it would be Day 1: Cardio Day 2: Abs Day 3: Legs Day 4: Arms (plus ball handling) And Day 5 would be one work out from each day. It used to be killer, but once we saw results and how in shape we were it was totally worth the pain

Vball workout.. man am I gunna hate doing the ab workout

Gluten Free Egg Free Brownies Fudgy (Vegan Bean Free)- Decadent eggless brownie that is super fudgy! PetiteAllergyTreats


Unser beliebtes Rezept für Kinderriegel-Käsekuchen und mehr als 55.000 weitere kostenlose Rezepte auf LECKER.de.


Mini Omeletts aus dem Ofen

gemüse und obst stäbchen

The classic flavour of tomato and basil soup never fails, and with the addition of sweet potato this meal turns into something delicious and nourishing.

As you know I am guest blogging for Carmien Kiddies and Carmien Tea this month. Here is my second blog with the theme 'Tea as Medicine' including a recipe for Blueberry & Flower Fruit Leather - an immune boosting constipation remedy disguised as a delicious and nutritious snack! http://carmienkiddies.co.za/tea-medicine-part-2-catherine-barnhoorn/ @carmientea ‪#recipe ‪#glutenfree‬ ‪#sugarfree‬ ‪#dairyfree‬ ‪#constipationremedy‬ ‪#immunebooster‬ ‪#fruitleather‬ ‪#milasmeals‬…