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Hat Rack and for back pack rack

DIY Hat Rack:) I used a curtain rod, shower curtain hooks and office clips! Your welcome bro!

Ball cap organizer.. you'll never miss place or lose your caps again..

Home made hat rack! Pallet wood with clothes pins hot glued on!

How to organize & hang your baseball caps! Things you'll need: Baseball cap/s Binder clips (medium) Nails Hammer Ruler (optional) 1.) Fold your ball cap. 2.) Grab a binder clip (one per cap) 3.) Attach binder clip behind top button of ball cap. 4.) Hide one side of the clip by folding it behind the ball cap. Only front side of clip should be folded up. 5.) Repeat to as many ball caps you may have. 6.) Using nails and a hammer, add a nail on your wall and set them about 4 1/2 inches…

Organize your hats. Diy by hanging a towel bar, or any bar, on wall. Add hooks. Hang up your hats so that each one is in clear view. Optimum space organization ideas for a clean & happy home.

Platz sparen im Bad

Dieser IKEA-Trick kostet keine 10 Euro. Aber das Ergebnis ist absolute Weltklasse.

Teenager Zimmer Mädchen Ideen fotowand herzen decke

Dieser kleine Tisch kostet 5,95 € bei IKEA. Was man damit alles machen kann…..Ich bin einfach überrascht! - DIY Bastelideen