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Three Rivers Deep

Three Rivers Deep | elemental book series "A two-souled girl begins a journey of self-discovery..." READ MORE @ http://threeriversdeep.wordpress.com/three-rivers-deep-book-one-overview/

Während sich im düsteren Wald des Unbewussten die Wahrheit oftmals verbirgt, zeigt sich in der Helle des klaren Tagesbewusstseins oft die Düsternis durch fehlerhafte Interpretation der Gedanken. Christa Schyboll

Human, I’m Scared

Lustige Bilder,Tiergeschichten,Katzen,Süße Bilder,Zitate,Tiere,Lustiges,Funny Cats,Niedlichen Tiere

Never hesitate to adopt a black cat! They are the least adopted color of cats due to a stupid superstition. I love dark, grey or black cats, they are so elegant

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.They can escape from the palm of your hand with a light flutter.