Stefanie Jung
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Patience pole! I need to figure out all the parts we need to assemble the swivel hub on the top. I like this to tie way better than a hitching rail or cross ties.

Love this simply but beautiful tattoo. Feather, infinity circle. Family

Horse on feather tattoo

ankle bird tattoos - Google Search

Esme will typically only show her good side or better side. She'll shy away from getting to her bad side.

Neid macht hässlich !!!

Tatsachen schafft man nicht dadurch aus der Welt dass man sie ignoriert. #QuoteOfTheDay #ZitatDesTages #TagesRandBemerkung #TRB #Zitate #Quotes

Da kenne ich leider auch ein paar von!

Minimalist Phoenix - I like how the body looks like an infinity symbol

Awesome Native American Pictures | Feather tattoo ideas and meanings