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10 Amazing Log Decor Ideas for Your Home

Handtuchhalter Halter Schiene handgemachte nautische natürliche Manila Seil Dekor für Bad oder Küche

Nautik, natürliche und stilvolle! Handgemachte natürliche Seil Handtuchhalter für Bad oder Küche, aber könnte fast jeden Raum im Haus, Boot,

15 DIY Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

Inspiring idea -- If the branch was large enough it could also make a cute towel rack or curtain rod

budding vase

I can't seem to go for a walk in the woods without coming home with souvenirs: this trip, the list included a snake's spine, bits of tinder polypore, some vivid red berries, a cattail about to burs...

There’s nothing more soothing than relaxing with the sounds and smells of nature. If you live in a home with a concrete backyard, and you’ve been wishing you had a garden instead where you can unwind, here’s an innovative solution for you! This daybed project is a lot easier and far more practical than digging up concrete backyard and turning it into a garden. You still get to enjoy taking a nap or reading a great book on a wonderful lawn and you get a great conversation starter thrown in!

hängende fotos und stöcke aus holz als wanddekoration - Zeit für Kunst – 48 Wanddekoration Ideen

Inspiring Garden Decoration Ideas

17 DIY Garden Ideas this would work great as a walk way up to a fairy house!