Jon Ostermann
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linework + rendering + water + light = phenomenal.

Watercolour// I wish whomever submited this had put the artist name with it. This is wonderful picture. If you know the artist please let me know so I can give credit to them. SB

Artist: Paul Wright {contemporary male head man face smudge abstract painting} Squint !! More:

Saatchi Online Artist: Benjamin Cohen; Oil, Painting "'Study of a Figure' "

Dreamy Architectural Watercolors by Sunga Park watercolor painting architecture

Mark Demsteader, Beautiful drawing using a mid-value paper. Part of the drawing is modeled with shading to give the illusion of being three dimensional while the rest is a simple out line. Love the contrast.

Ideas actually fragment the vision, intuition, or experience of reality as a whole. This is what the mystics are perpetually telling us. Words cannot give you reality. They only point, they only indicate. You use them as pointers to get to reality. But once you get there, your concepts are useless. -Tony de Mello #demello #awareness

ich kann mich kaum erinnern wie sie aussah...nur wo ich sie sah

Barbara Baldi - inspiration

The Beginning, extra large giclee art print poster of original oil painting portrait on Etsy, £46.13