JOKA - Create Your Room

JOKA - Create Your Room

Weitere Ideen von JOKA - Create Your Room

Berschneider + Berschneider, Architekten BDA + Innenarchitekten, Neumarkt: Neubau WH B Mittelfranken (2015)

Baumstamm als Couchtisch

Pimp your bedroom: Ungewöhnliche DIY Nachttische für dein Schlafzimmer

JOKA Variano Wall "Rusty"

JOKA Variano Wall "Fairfaced Concrete"

JOKA Variano Wall "Sandstone"

JOKA Variano Wall "Rusty Mesh"

Would you like to design your rooms in a unique, modern way and enjoy the special character of a loft flat? Would you like to make space for design-focused structures and shapes and give your home an effortless personal touch? Thanks to JOKA Variano Walls, it is possible! Lend your living quarters a unique loft ambiance, rough industrial charm, or minimalist elegance with our new mineral surfaces.

JOKA Split Wood will bring tangible nature to your room. It holds a yearning for authenticity, naturalness, intimacy, security like no other material. Wood stands for nature, resilience, strength. As a wall covering, JOKA split wood combines an especially natural appearance with a warm aura. JOKA split wood is beauty within your reach: its natural surface makes it an extraordinary tactile experience.

Lively Diversity! What is lively diversity? A blooming meadow of flowers, a forest full of life, a sea of thousands of fish...? In interior design, this color theme is accentuated and bold, varying in the color, shape, and surface, from flowery fabrics on patterned wallpaper to blue and white parquet floors. Exceptional decorations and wall designs tie the room together.