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funpot ist eine Community, in der die Mitglieder spaßige oder sehenswerte Texte und Dateien austauschen. So ähnlich wie YouTube, nur mit allen Arten von Dateien (Bilder PPS, Videos).


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Bob Marley, a true musical revolutionary.

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I’m about to have a nervous breakdown

Graffiti Quotes

Funny Pictures Of The Day 51 Pics

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 51 Pics

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We mostly are all wage slaves that spend 3/4 of their 'awake' living time doing a job we hate but need to in order to pay the mortgage and other bills etc , so claiming we are 'free ' and live in a free country is inaccurate / OK we don't get jailed for slagging up the government ,but apart from free speech ( and that is being chipped away at with political correctness and Internet monitoring ) so to me the street art above is commenting on how little ' QUALITY living time we get to live…

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10 things to do while you're high! Follow ThisIsWhyItoke for all the best weed related posts.

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This is very disturbing

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Das Meer, Wind & Regen.

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