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Jessie Kaiser
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Jessie Kaiser

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Ha Dong Hoon (Ha Ha) on @DramaFever, Check it out!

Kwang Soo gif. He takes dancing seriously, you guysss.

Everyone right now with the sudden drop in gas prices.

Gas Tropfen,Wolf,Falcon Falcon,Falcon Ciel,Raul Falcon,2 Cents,Cents Gif,Drops 2,Gif Lee

Dont know which one is the sweetier one.. but.. Look how good they are looking! *-* These babies are growing up


Miss the blonde hair on him.. Gosh he is the cutest thing ever *^*

꽝요꾸시야~_~ on

Goosh, this guy is so talented.. Wish I could meet him someday and say him how much he meant to me

Saw him yesterday.. His voice is a porno i swear #.# Cannot believe that he is human

*dies* He is so sweet. Want to cuddle him like he cuddle the teddy bear