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Tea, Vodka, Whiskey and Ink Portraits by Carne Griffiths Don't even know what to say beyond This is awesomely cool in every way and I want to show that level of awesomeness in my own work.

Textile/quilt work 'Urban fragments' by Eszter Bornemisza (2011) for Voices quilt art exhibition at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen jan-Feb 2012.

Instant Download - Digital Collage - Vintage Maps - 40 piece collection

Red thread on collagraph by Helen Smith - Fragments of torn collagraph prints stitched with red thread and vintage shirt buttons

LESSON 1: Objective- combining tessellations with photography using technology such as Photoshop. Intro to cropping; negative space vs positive space. (optional: consider actually printing/cutting the tessellations to create a puzzle.)

Partially-Completed Portraitures

This image also reminds me a bit of identity like how your life is a puzzle and you spend your life trying to fit in pieces of the puzzle as in pieces of your personality/identity. I also think the plain, dull background is effective because it cobtrasts the bright colour of the image in the foreground.

Streets of Camden Town, UK

Evening lights on Deptford Pier, London, England (by Tryppyhead).

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