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If you’re quite familiar with the symbol below, it could be the Deathly Hallows symbol from Harry Potter. If you know that, then I’m assuming you also know that a deer has so much value for a couple of characters in the story. Always.

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15 tatuagens que farão você se sentir como a Pequena Sereia

Realistische Wolf Paw Männliche Tattoo auf Unterarm-

“stinkin thinkin.” .... A person is or will become what he/she thinks about ... What you choose to think about and dwell on in this life will make or break you as to what type of person you will end up becoming in this life.

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Mensen die hooggevoelig zijn filteren prikkels minder goed dan mensen die niet hooggevoelig zijn. TL-licht kan al te fel zijn, harde geluiden komen nog harder binnen dan bij anderen, labels in kleren kunnen aanvoelen als prikkeldraad.