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The so called "Grande Vecchio" at Masseria Brancati, an amazing millenary olive tree with a magnificent twisted trunk. Ostuni, Puglia, Italy. Photo: © Michele Miccoli

Kids: If you see a tornado, don't just stand there making a recording of it. Tornadoes are dangerous! So, get down into your basement with your family as fast as you can! Also, stay away from windows and get under a sturdy table for protection.

A very memorable dust storm when the sky became dark and Melbourne was invaded by a wall of dust from the Big Desert.


Iconic Xanthorrhoea - AKA grass trees are dramatic stand-alone features.:

Thoughtful Olive Tree

BKKBN Provinsi Kalteng

Tropische Bäume,Irre Früchte,Riesige Banane,Ungewöhnliche Pflanzen,Exotische Früchte,Bananen,Landschaftsbau,1000 Banana,Holy Banana

splendid naturally sculptured ice